Why should you go to College?

Why Should You Go To College?

by Alexis Robles and Brenda Bailon

 Natalie Sanchez (C/O 16, UCLA)
Natalie Sanchez (C/O 16, UCLA)




“Every student should strive for a higher education to try to understand what they’re interested in, what they’re passion is, and see what kind of careers are out there. College is the perfect place to understand who they are as a person, meet people from all around the world, and see the depths into various fields of studies. The benefits of going to college is where you meet lifetime long friends, network with people from different professions, and gain professionalism. My college experience at UCLA has been crazy fun, I feel like I’m always busy with school, work, and extracurricular”

                                                                                             -Natalie Sanchez





“I think everyone should pursue a higher education because it opens so many more opportunities for them, it gives you options. Having options is good because you can have the liberty of choosing a job you’d enjoy doing.

     When you attend prestigious universities, you realize you aren’t the smartest person alive and that’s okay. Although it can be intimidating to be surrounded by people who you think are smarter than you, take advantage and learn from them so you can become improved as a student.”

-Mitchell Agredano


 Mitchell Agredano (C/O 17, UC Berkeley)
Mitchell Agredano (C/O 17, UC Berkeley)

Getting to know the CSU System

Getting to Know the CSU System

by Louis Perez

            The California State University (CSU) System, one of the four systems of higher education, is the largest four-year public university system in the United States, and is composed of 23 campuses and eight off-campus centers located all throughout California. The CSUs offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and in some cases, professional degrees. In order to attend a CSU, high school students must meet the following requirements: have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA, taken the SAT or ACT, met the A-G requirements, and obtained a high school diploma.

               South Gate High School students are guaranteed admissions to local CSU campuses if they meet the Eligibility Index which is used throughout the CSU system and is calculated using a student’s GPA and SAT score. The local CSU campuses in the Los Angeles service area, which require an Eligibility Index of 2950, include: CSU Channel Islands, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Los Angeles, and CSU Northridge. In order to attend an impacted /competitive CSU campus, students must meet an Eligibility Index of 3200, and if they are a STEM major, the Eligibility Index increases to 3300. The CSUs with all undergraduate programs impacted are: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Fresno State, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, San Diego State University, and San Jose State.


     There are several benefits to attending a CSU. CSUs tend to be practical-based, meaning that they prepare students to enter the workforce upon receiving a bachelor’s degree. Also, the tuition rates of CSUs are significantly lower than those of UCs; the average tuition is approximately $5,742.  Lastly, because there are many campuses scattered across California, there is more variety to choose from when determining location preferences for college.

               The application for the CSU system, which opened on October 1st, is located on the following website: www2.calstate.edu/apply. Seniors must have had their applications submitted to Mrs. Corona by October 30th in order for her to review them, and the deadline to officially submit them online is November 30th.


by Diana Ruiz

The Skinwalker originated from Native American myths, legends, and folklore. Skinwalkers are witches who have the ability to transform, possess, or disguise themselves as animals in order to harm people.

They are Native American witches who use Taboo arts to transform themselves into any animal. They are primarily Native-American males but there are also females. Legend says they can shapeshift by draping the hide of a certain animal (mostly coyote/dog/bear/owl) over him/herself, and thus takes form and traits of that animal. In addition, the witch gains that animal’s strength, speed, and endurance. They are indistinguishable from normal humans or animals in either of these forms, though they sometimes appear as a half-human or mutant forms of their chosen animal.

The Jersey Devil

By Brianny Martinez

The legend of the Jersey Devil dates back to the colonial period of the 1700s. One version of the legend begins in the newly established colony of New Jersey in 1735 with a woman named Deborah Leeds. She was married to a drunk, and struggling to raise 12 children on her own, the last thing she needed in her life was another child. Unfortunately, she discovered she was pregnant with a 13th child. As the legend goes, she placed a curse upon her child by asserting that her child would be the devil. Surprisingly, she gave birth to a monster that is described as a hideous creature with hooved feet, red eyes, clawed hands, and a tail. As soon as the monster was birthed, it killed everyone present, even its mother. The monster eventually escaped and fled to a place called Pine Barrens.

Since the mass hysteria surrounding the alleged incident in the 1700s, there have been thousands of reports claiming to have spotted the Jersey Devil in Pine Barrens. Evidence of the Jersey Devil’s existence ranges from strange footprints, to slaughtered livestock, to demonic presences, and even inhuman screams.

The Mothman: An Urban Legend

by Sofia Martinez

The Mothman is a white-winged, human sized creature, with red eyes, two inches in diameter and six inches apart. Associated with disaster, the Mothman was first reported on November 12, 1966 by five gravediggers. The creature was then seen by a couple in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and has continually been spotted in this area over the years. On December 17, 1967 the Mothman was accused of causing the Silver Bridge collapse, which killed 46 people. The Mothman has also been sighted in other places around the world such as: Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Some hypothesize that the Mothman comes from a portal, located in Point Pleasant, that leads to an alternate reality. Whether the Mothman is here to cause harm or warn us of it, is something that remains a mystery.

Meet the Cryptids

by Samantha Perez

Maybe you’ve heard this term before, may not, but what is a Cryptid? These are poorly documented creatures and monsters originating from “sightings, myths, legends, and extinct animals”. Although many believe Cryptids must be supernatural or unearthly beings, the term “Cryptid” is a general term that covers 10 specified groups: “story” folklore, the paranormal, undiscovered species, extinct animals, weirdly-sized animals, hoaxes, odd pictures, personal accounts, taxidermy, and textual evidence. People who research and study this field are called “cryptozoologists”. Their job is to push evidence from photos and personal accounts into the scientific world, in order to prove their existence. George M. Eberhart, a certified cryptozoologist, popular in the Cryptid community, believes that “the world is full of wonder and surprises, no one knows what this earth can truly do.” He encourages people to believe in Cryptids whether the belief ranges from aliens, to angels, to demons, or shapeshifters. They’re all around us, you just need to keep an open eye.

Ramsey Q and A

by Montserrat Lara

Q: How do you make friends when people have already established their cliques?

A: Well for one, trying going to a group where the people seem to have common interests, whether it is books, movies, career goals, music, etc. use that to start the conversation. When finding a clique remember to be yourself, do not change for a person because eventually you get tired of being a character, you can’t keep up with a life that isn’t yours. Branch out don’t be scared of find people that are different from you, those tend to become the best friendships.


Q: How do I know the friends I have right now are doing more harm than good to me?

A: Overtime people change, that is just human nature and I get as humans we do not like change but it happens. The friends you had in ninth grade may not be the same as they are now. Your friends become toxic when they no longer want to speak to you, ignore you, do not support any decisions you make, and stop inviting you to hang out. These are signs that you need to tap out of that friendship because it is no longer good for you. The longer you know them doesn’t change the fact that they can hurt you. It is usually the people you’ve known the longest that hurt you the worst. If your friendship is toxic leave it because you matter before anyone else, if you don’t look out for yourself then who will?

Q:  Why have friends?

A: Having friends is quite nice if they aren’t toxic people. Friends’ help you in many ways, like cheering you up and making you realize some of your decisions aren’t the smartest. The people you call friends become a big part of your life that influence you. They are people you trust with your life and the people that make everything amazing for you, just don’t become too dependent on others for happiness. Friends are a part of us.