Boston Market Review 

by: Crystal Canela 

Thanksgiving food makes everyone’s tummy happy no matter what month we are in. During the year, we may crave some of our Thanksgiving favorites but it becomes a hassle to cook up the entire meal.  We are up for the challenge on Thanksgiving Day because it has become a tradition to spend almost your entire day in the kitchen cooking up a feast. If you are ever in this pickle, you should head on over to Boston Market located in Downey on 8606 Firestone Blvd. across the street from Downey High School. They serve Thanksgiving inspired meals all year long, such as chicken or turkey, with sides of your choice.

You are able build your own plate with the choice of rotisserie chicken, ribs, meat or turkey as your main course, followed by your favorite thanksgiving sides and a piece of cornbread. They offer rotisserie potatoes, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, sweet corn, creamed spinach, fresh steamed vegetables, green beans, southwest rice, Caesar side salad, cinnamon apples, squash casserole and vegetable stuffing. Your entire meal will average from around $8-$12. If you would go with your family you would be able to purchase the family deal that averages from around $22.17-$29.16 for a family of 3 to 4. Sadly, pumpkin pie is not on their menu, however, they do offer apple pie and pecan pie. Their great menu has the taste of a home cooked meal for whenever you are looking into a hot meal.