Apocalyptic Puerto Rico

Apocalyptic Puerto Rico

by: Jennifer Garcia 

Suffering from the disastrous effects of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has encountered what many see as an early apocalyptic effect. With no power and communication, an estimated amount of 3 million people in the island, along with leaders and first responders, have been cut off from the rest of the world. Unable to establish contact with six municipalities (cities and towns), government authorities are struggling to find security for the people of Puerto Rico. The disaster left the region without power, cellphones, or water and roads have been completely washed away. The hurricane has easily set the entire island back 20 to 30 years, according to Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner.

Residents have been warned that the recovery will be long, difficult and expensive given the fact that Puerto Rico’s government doesn’t have the estimated $7 to 8 billion for reconstruction. This discouraging goal has only led to the loss of hope among Puerto Rico’s residents, not only does this amount appear to be unreachable for recovery but Puerto Rico is found to be on the brink of bankruptcy, currently exceeding an amount of $70 billion due to its failing economy and government who has often borrowed money to pay debt, digging their financial grave even deeper.

Over the years, due to its economic crisis, Puerto Rico has dealt with residents fleeing the island, but now it is facing a prominent exodus. As habitants of the island face lack of water, food, shelter and communication (more than 88% of wireless cell sites found out of service) a growing amount of 500,000 people have chosen to take their families and search refuge in the rest of the United States. Despite the disaster, many older Puerto Rican’s have found it harder to leave their homes behind or faced financial difficulty in leaving and continue to face the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

LGBTQ Update: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

LGBTQ Update: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

by: Jennifer Garcia 

A federal judge in Brazil recently ruled against LGBTQ+ rights when he stated that psychologists could consider homosexuality a disease, resulting in the continued practice of conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is aimed to assimilate those who identify as LGBTQ+ into heteronormativity, basically an attempt to “turn” a gay person straight. This action has raised concerns within the LGBTQ+ community and its activists, and is viewed as a step back in the fight for equality. However, both Brazil’s Federal Council of Psychology and Toni Reis (head of Brazil’s National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Alliance) are already asking for the judge’s decision to be repealed.

The OutRight International, an LGBTQ+ advocacy group, has spoken out on this ruling claiming that it will only cause harm to LGBTQ+ Brazilians. Conversion therapy involves prayer, shock therapy, hypnosis and talk therapy altogether inducing nausea, vomiting, paralysis and increases the likelihood for mental illness and self-hate. Not only does conversion therapy have harmful physical and mental effects but it is has proven to continuously be unsuccessful.

            “As someone from the LGBTQ+ community, I think it’s disgusting that conversion therapy is even being practiced. It is inhumane and baffling how people still think we choose to be gay, we’re trying to live our own lives and love who we love.” –An anonymous South Gate student.

Despite the progress being made in other countries, such as the legalization of same-sex marriage and representation in political systems, there is still much to be done to gain full equal rights for LGBTQ+ people around the world.

Thanksgiving Food Fails

SGHS students reveal their tragic Thanksgiving stories.

“I was around eight years old and I decided to help butter the turkey. We buttered it, had the stuffing ready, and we were ready to sew it up and put it in the oven. A few minutes later, my dad noticed he lost his wedding ring. My dad began to get antsy and started looking everywhere. It was not until we all stared at the turkey and shared the thought that the ring must have been inside it. There we were looking like a bunch of chickens, taking off all the stuffing from the turkey and searching through it to find the ring. I remember feeling the gooey stuffing in my hand. We finally had all the stuffing out and still no ring. Long story short, it turns out that the ring was in the trash can covered in a paper towel. You can imagine how mad my mom was. That thanksgiving was very memorable.”


“My aunt had just made a pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven. As she began walking to the table to set it down, it fell all over the kitchen floor.”                                                                                                                                                                                              -Fabian Rodriguez, 11th

“Thanksgiving took place at my godmother’s house and it was pouring. They decided to put a plastic tarp up so no one would get wet, but overtime water collected and caused the tarp to sag in the middle. One of my family members had the bright idea to poke the tarp with a stick to make the water fall. I, unfortunately, decided to stand near the edge with the mash potatoes in my hand and all the water came splashing down, causing both my outfit and the food to be drenched in water.”                                                                                  -Joana Aceves, 12th  

“We were cooking a meat dish on the stove and I was occupied with other things. It was not until I smelled smoke that I noticed the pan was on fire. The wall soon started filling with flames and spreading rapidly. I quickly ran to get the fire extinguisher.”                                                                                                   -Iran Lara, 12th

“Two years ago, my aunt hosted Thanksgiving at her house. She was in charge of the ham and my mom was in charge of the turkey. My aunt started cooking the ham super late, around 5 pm and it was barely half way done. The whole family was starving, but we all eat together as a family tradition. My aunt decided to get fancied-up and left the ham unattended. By the time she came back, the ham was burn! At the end of the evening we had turkey and burned ham, but it was still good since we were all together as a family. It was actually a great Thanksgiving.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Elisa Gomez, 11th

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Recipe 

by: Crystal Canela 

1.  Preheat the oven to 400-420 degrees.

2. There are two ways to add the main ingredient… PUMPKIN: smash the inside of a pumpkin until it becomes creamy or buy any canned pumpkin mix. Add some spices like: sugar and cinnamon to give your pie a great flavor.

3. Begin to add: sweetened condensed milk, 2 eggs, and salt in a medium bowl until the form has a smooth finish.

4. Pour into a prepared crusted tin pan that can be purchased at any supermarket.

5. Bake for 15-20 minutes if you use canned pumpkin. Then check your pie by inserting a knife to check if the mix is starting to become firm. Continue baking for 30-45 minutes.

If you are making your own from scratch, bake for 15-20 minutes. Then check your pie by inserting a knife to check if the mix is starting to become firm. In addition, bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour if you make your own pumpkin mix.

6. Let your mix cool down for 15 minutes then add some whip topping to your desire.

Boston Market Review

Boston Market Review 

by: Crystal Canela 

Thanksgiving food makes everyone’s tummy happy no matter what month we are in. During the year, we may crave some of our Thanksgiving favorites but it becomes a hassle to cook up the entire meal.  We are up for the challenge on Thanksgiving Day because it has become a tradition to spend almost your entire day in the kitchen cooking up a feast. If you are ever in this pickle, you should head on over to Boston Market located in Downey on 8606 Firestone Blvd. across the street from Downey High School. They serve Thanksgiving inspired meals all year long, such as chicken or turkey, with sides of your choice.

You are able build your own plate with the choice of rotisserie chicken, ribs, meat or turkey as your main course, followed by your favorite thanksgiving sides and a piece of cornbread. They offer rotisserie potatoes, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, sweet corn, creamed spinach, fresh steamed vegetables, green beans, southwest rice, Caesar side salad, cinnamon apples, squash casserole and vegetable stuffing. Your entire meal will average from around $8-$12. If you would go with your family you would be able to purchase the family deal that averages from around $22.17-$29.16 for a family of 3 to 4. Sadly, pumpkin pie is not on their menu, however, they do offer apple pie and pecan pie. Their great menu has the taste of a home cooked meal for whenever you are looking into a hot meal.


By Marisol Martin



(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Take the steps necessary to fulfill your own desires. Avoid living a life limited by the standards of others. There is no need for conformity.



(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

When life is not meeting your expectations, use alternate methods to suit your personal necessities. Dictate your terms to the world.



(Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Incorporate individuality into your daily routine. Refuse to live believing that all your wishes will be magically granted. Instead, let your ambition take control and serve as motivation.



(Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Take negative aspects of your life and turn them into strengths. Manipulate them to your advantage instead of using them as excuses.



(Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

You have the power to overcome the challenges in your way. Do not allow your fears to take control of you. Your eagerness to succeed will provide you with a gateway to a positive future.  



(Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

Obstacles will tumble before you due to your initiative and overall support of your family members. You must demonstrate your appreciation to all the individuals who have comforted you.



(Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

Emphasis will be placed on your professional life. It is time to allow others to assist you in completing tasks. There will be no time to be selfish or take independent actions.



(Apr. 20 – May 20)

You will be forced to compromise and accept the help of others to attain your goals. Do not let others get in the way of your achievement. You are headstrong.



(May 21 – Jun. 20)

You must allow things to happen naturally and accept the results. Your friends will be of great help this month. Follow their advice and express your gratitude.



(Jun. 21 – Jul. 22)

You will encounter multiple struggles. You will be unable to surpass them on your own. Allow others to comfort you. You will overcome them. Be strong and endure.



(Jul. 23 – Aug. 22)

You must balance your time in order to complete all personal and professional tasks. Take your time. Prioritize important activities.



(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

You must step out of your comfort zone and try new activities. The effort you put into a new approach will lead to progress. The experiences you partake in will mold your character.