The Lost Faces In Music

 by: David Briffault

 “Angel sits on the sandy beaches of Malibu with his pup”

Photograph by: David Briffault

            Producers have the most important role in the making of music. Unfortunately, as time passes it seems artists are relying more and more on paid producers who most likely are not even going to be credited on the artists’ albums thus making their production seem irrelevant. This isn’t the case for Angel Sal Marin of South Gate, California. Marin produced music in the underground scene for almost eight years and has been making three instrumentals per week. He uses a wide variety of software such as Ableton, Machine, and Logic Pro X and an old MacBook. His main goal is to simply test the waters, have fun with the process, never make it stressful, and hopefully make a hit.

          Over those eight years, Angel has learned how much hard work goes into being a producer. Out of all the beats he has finished, only a handful will ever be good enough. He estimates that out of 500 songs he started only 20 have only been finished. He claims this to be the only downside that all producers must deal with. He tries to turn this negative into motivation to keep him producing content. It only takes one success to potentially make a career. Unfortunately in an industry that only seems to value the face of the music, the true artists behind the scenes seem to be fighting a never-ending uphill battle.