Worth the hype?

by: Daniel Arce

           Most people knew about the McGregor vs Mayweather fight almost a year before the fight took place. It called “the biggest fight in combat sports history”, the most anticipated fight of the century. The fight even broke Sky Sports all time PPV (pay-per-view) record. It was a good day for marketers, but did the fight really live up to the expectations?

               Conor McGregor is arguably the best MMA fighter at the moment. But when matched against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, McGregor was at a huge disadvantage. This is because boxing isn’t McGregor’s fighting style. Mayweather has years of experience and has perfected his boxing technique, while McGregor had no professional experience in boxing. According to The New Yorker, McGregor was labeled as the underdog. Mayweather was predicted to come out on top and that he did.

                In the end Mayweather drew victory in the 10th round by technical knockout. The outcome was predictable, but the viewers were left with a desire to see more. I was left thinking , “Is this really what I paid $60 for?”