Kobe Bryant Jersey Retirement

by christian Moreno

         On Tuesday September 12th , The Los Angeles Lakers announced that the lakers will retire Kobe Bryant jerseys on December 18th when they take on the Golden State Warriors. Kobe Bryant wore #8 as his jersey number when he started in the league in 1997 and then switched numbers in 2007 to #24 for the rest of his career. Kobe was just fulfilled with happiness when he found out his number were going to finally be retired by the lakers. This was kobe’s dream as a little kid to have his jersey up in the rafters with all the other jerseys. The lakers love Kobe Bryant as a player and as a person so he is very honored

        Kobe is now going to be the 10th player in lakers history to have his jersey retired. Other players that had their jersey Retired were players like Shaquille O’Neal , James worthy , jerry west. Magic Johnson the president of the lakers thinks that Kobe was one of the greatest lakers of all time and he sees Mr. Bryant on Magics Mt. Rushmore. Every Laker fan will enjoy this day for Kobe Bryant and for his entire family.

        Kobe Bryant has had an extraordinary career as being an NBA basketball player. He is a 5 time NBA champion, scored over 32,000 points and received one MVP (most valuable player) award. His legacy impacts the youth and new rising stars entering the NBA. Some people may hate him for what he did and some people may love him for everything that he did. Kobe Bryant will always be remembered for being as talented as a person on and off the court.