Cara Part II?


by Kaitlin Wright

        Museums all over SoCal have been plastered in Chicano art recently and in large part as a reaction towards Trump’s presidency. This movement has been controversially viewed as an act of creative defiance according to Harry Gamboa, in an article from the LA Times, titled as “another Chicano Art Resistance and Affirmation.”  The Chicano Art Resistance and Affirmation, known as CARA, is reputable for the positive impact it has had on the Latinx community in terms of humanitarian rights issues. CARA is intended as a peaceful form of protest and advocacy of Latino rights in the 60’s, but is now resurging due to the current political situation. These artists are proudly depicting the reoccurrence of xenophobia towards Latinx cultures, cultural differences, and political positions (such as the repeal of DACA).

        Most CARA inspired art is typically sought out as murals, street art, or what is legally known as “graffiti” and “defacing property”. Nonetheless, it is still applauded by museums and other artists.  Major museums that support this portrayal of Chicano art are: Cheech Marin’s Chicano Art Museum in Riverside, Vincent Price Museum in East Los Angeles Community College, The Autry in Griffith Park, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Cheech Marin’s entire museum is in dedication to Mexican-American history, La Raza and Chicano art. Vincent Price has retained the entire first floor for Mexican-American art, which includes a permanent collection of art from ancient civilizations in Central and South America, with a concentration of art from West Mexico and Peru, the second floor is dedicated to Native American art, and will host the upcoming 14th annual Dia De Los Muertos student altar exhibition.

         These museums, including many others unlisted, stand with people of color regardless of status. The message intended by these exhibits is one of resiliency when facing discrimination as a minority community. Chicano art has been a self-explanatory form of art to express struggles of people in their community that has been around since the 60’s, it is viewed as selfless art that focuses on the majority’s issues, not an individual’s issue.

The Lost Faces in Music

The Lost Faces In Music

 by: David Briffault

 “Angel sits on the sandy beaches of Malibu with his pup”

Photograph by: David Briffault

            Producers have the most important role in the making of music. Unfortunately, as time passes it seems artists are relying more and more on paid producers who most likely are not even going to be credited on the artists’ albums thus making their production seem irrelevant. This isn’t the case for Angel Sal Marin of South Gate, California. Marin produced music in the underground scene for almost eight years and has been making three instrumentals per week. He uses a wide variety of software such as Ableton, Machine, and Logic Pro X and an old MacBook. His main goal is to simply test the waters, have fun with the process, never make it stressful, and hopefully make a hit.

          Over those eight years, Angel has learned how much hard work goes into being a producer. Out of all the beats he has finished, only a handful will ever be good enough. He estimates that out of 500 songs he started only 20 have only been finished. He claims this to be the only downside that all producers must deal with. He tries to turn this negative into motivation to keep him producing content. It only takes one success to potentially make a career. Unfortunately in an industry that only seems to value the face of the music, the true artists behind the scenes seem to be fighting a never-ending uphill battle.

Worth the hype?

Worth the hype?

by: Daniel Arce

           Most people knew about the McGregor vs Mayweather fight almost a year before the fight took place. It called “the biggest fight in combat sports history”, the most anticipated fight of the century. The fight even broke Sky Sports all time PPV (pay-per-view) record. It was a good day for marketers, but did the fight really live up to the expectations?

               Conor McGregor is arguably the best MMA fighter at the moment. But when matched against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, McGregor was at a huge disadvantage. This is because boxing isn’t McGregor’s fighting style. Mayweather has years of experience and has perfected his boxing technique, while McGregor had no professional experience in boxing. According to The New Yorker, McGregor was labeled as the underdog. Mayweather was predicted to come out on top and that he did.

                In the end Mayweather drew victory in the 10th round by technical knockout. The outcome was predictable, but the viewers were left with a desire to see more. I was left thinking , “Is this really what I paid $60 for?”       

Can You Really Win A Billion Dollars Playing Fantasy Football?

Can You Really Win A Billion Dollars Playing Fantasy Football?

by: Kevin Telles

            1 billion dollars? From playing fantasy football? Draft Kings has created a contest that allows you to win that crazy total. If you are in the U.S, Germany, Canada, or the UK and 18 or older, you could participate and win! The best part is, it’s free to play.

            How does this company have all this money to just throw away to a lucky player? Draft Kings isn’t a billion dollar company. So it’s not coming directly out of their pockets. The contest is actually being insured by multiple other companies. Such as: AM Trust at Lloyds, Pardus, and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. It is the biggest prize offered among all fantasy football platforms. So how do you win? All you have to do is draft a perfect lineup and it’s yours. Sounds easy enough. It’s actually a lot more complicated than that.


    To draft a perfect lineup, you need to pick the highest scoring player in fantasy points for each of the nine different positions. The lineup also has to be under the allowed salary cap. Draft Kings has admitted that this is an incredibly difficult contest to win. They haven’t given any odds to win the contest, but it is clear that the chances of someone winning are extremely low. Analysts at Legal Sports Report calculated the odds, they said you’d be more likely to win the Powerball Jackpot than to create the perfect lineup.

Kobe Bryant Jersey Retirement

Kobe Bryant Jersey Retirement

by christian Moreno

         On Tuesday September 12th , The Los Angeles Lakers announced that the lakers will retire Kobe Bryant jerseys on December 18th when they take on the Golden State Warriors. Kobe Bryant wore #8 as his jersey number when he started in the league in 1997 and then switched numbers in 2007 to #24 for the rest of his career. Kobe was just fulfilled with happiness when he found out his number were going to finally be retired by the lakers. This was kobe’s dream as a little kid to have his jersey up in the rafters with all the other jerseys. The lakers love Kobe Bryant as a player and as a person so he is very honored

        Kobe is now going to be the 10th player in lakers history to have his jersey retired. Other players that had their jersey Retired were players like Shaquille O’Neal , James worthy , jerry west. Magic Johnson the president of the lakers thinks that Kobe was one of the greatest lakers of all time and he sees Mr. Bryant on Magics Mt. Rushmore. Every Laker fan will enjoy this day for Kobe Bryant and for his entire family.

        Kobe Bryant has had an extraordinary career as being an NBA basketball player. He is a 5 time NBA champion, scored over 32,000 points and received one MVP (most valuable player) award. His legacy impacts the youth and new rising stars entering the NBA. Some people may hate him for what he did and some people may love him for everything that he did. Kobe Bryant will always be remembered for being as talented as a person on and off the court.