UCLA’s Historic Comeback

by: Christian Huezo

It’s never a good feeling seeing your favorite football team trail 44-17 entering the 4th quarter. It seemed that Texas A&M was going to beat UCLA by a landslide. Until UCLA launched a miracle comeback twenty-eight points to win. ESPN gave Texas A&M a 99.9% win probability by the end of the 3rd quarter. Everyone thought UCLA was out of the game. With 15 minutes on the clock UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, started one of the best college football comebacks in history. Rosen completed a touchdown pass in less than two minutes at the start of the 4th quarter, 5 minutes later he threw a 42 yard touchdown pass to Darren Andrews. With the lead cut in half UCLA fans finally had something to cheer for.

With four minutes remaining on the clock, Rosen threw a 16 yard TD pass to Theo Howard putting the score at 44-38. UCLA just needed a TD to complete the comeback. With a minute left in the game UCLA made it to the Texas 10 yard line. Josh Rosen took the snap and threw a pass to Jordan Lasley. The stadium was dead silent as the hung was in the air, seconds later it was in Jordan Lasley’s hands in the end zone. The stadium erupted as UCLA made the extra point. The final score was 45-44, UCLA. This is the largest NCAA college football comeback in the history of the sport.