UC Application Are Around the Corner

by Alexis Robles

              Applying may seem scary or difficult but it is important to start right now! The UC application is already open and you can start working on it, the deadline is on November 30th. To start, go to the website “Universityofcalifronia.edu” and make an account, the process is straight forward and if you have any questions, you can always visit our school’s College Center for assistance. There are eight of PIQs (Personal Insight Questions) and the activity sheet where you can include all your extracurricular activities.

               There are nine UCs around California and they are Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Davis, Riverside, Merced, and Sana Cruz. They are located all throughout California, from San Francisco to all the way south in San Diego. Each get the same application but review it differently, it is important to start working on your activity section. The section includes all the extracurricular activities you are part in. It asks you from classes other than A-G requirements to work experience. Each sub section allows you to input up to five activities. The sections are Coursework other than A-G, Educational Preparation Program, Volunteer and Community Services, Work Experience, Awards and Honor, and lastly Extracurricular Activities. Each asks what you did and how many hours per week did you put in and how many weeks out of the year did you participate in the activity. You should never lie on your application as the reader will assume you lied on everything else. The next important section in the PIQs.

               The PIQs are eight questions hat ask about your personal and academic life. You only have to choose four out of the eight and it is important to choose the ones that you know you can write about. Each answer limits you to 350 words so you must know what you are saying and not waste any space on useless sentences. The questions range from your favorite subject in school to your hardest challenges you faced. To get the full list of all eight questions, you can go to the college center and ask for one. The application deadline is closer than you think seniors! Start working on the application and don’t wait to the last minute!



–        33% acceptance rate on average

–        High school diploma

–        A-G requirements complete

–        2.0 and above

–        SAT or ACT test

(Degrees offered)

–        Bachelor’s degrees (4 yrs.)

–        Master’s degree (2-3) yrs. (only offered at some Cal-states)

(Cost of tuition)– $5,472

 Private Universities


High School diploma

A-G requirements

GPA 2.0 and above

ACT or SAT with writing


Extracurricular activities, community service,

Personal Statement

SAT subject tests, highly recommended

(Degrees offered)

-Master’s degree (2-3 yrs.)

-Doctorate’s (3-5 yrs.)

(Cost of Tuition)- $40,000


Community College/ Vocational school


-%100 acceptance rate

-Must be 18 years or older

-High school degree (if advancing to higher education)

(Degrees Offered)

-Vocational degree (2yrs)

-Associates degree (2-3 yrs.)

(Cost of Tuition) – $2000


 Universities of California


-12.5% acceptance rate on average

-High School diploma

-A-G requirements

-GPA of 3.0

-ACT or SAT with writing

-Honors, awards, and extracurricular activities

(Degrees offered)

-Bachelor’s degree (4-5 yrs.)

-Master’s degree (2-3 yrs.)

(Cost of Tuition)– 13,557 (not including room and board)