College Myths

by Brenda Bailon

1.     You must have a 4.0+ GPA to be accepted to colleges

It is true, you have to try your best and earn the best grades you can, but it’s more than possible to get into college without a 4.0. Personal statements that demonstrate any adversities you’ve faced that didn’t allow you to pass a class or attend volunteer work can make up for a low GPA. Extracurricular and leadership roles matter too, this is why it’s important for every aspect of your application to be equally as great. A high SAT score doesn’t hurt either.

2.     You’ll graduate with $50k in student loans

Yes, college is expensive. It’s a well a known fact, but there are alternatives to student loans. Scholarships are a huge advantage as well as work-study. Work study is when college provides you with a job as part of your acceptance. This can be extremely beneficial to students since bosses often understand that you are a student and are sympathetic to your student work-load. Grants, are also offered by colleges and this is money you don’t ever have to pay back. If you take advantage of the opportunities out there, loans can actually be a last resort.

3.     Freshman 15

The well-known phenomenon that once you enter college you gain 15+ pounds from binge eating and the excessive amount of food exposed and offered to you is completely false. Researchers have discovered that freshman typically gain a mere 3 pounds; on average 10% of an entire freshman class actually lose weight. In fact, a 2014 research conduct also shows that college students BMI’s rarely change from the time they enter college to graduation day, proving that this myth much like the others is very much untrue.