by Krystal R Guerrero

Following Apple’s special event this September, three new iPhones were unveiled, that being the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (10). The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, being released in September of this year, will include all too familiar features and a few new ones. The iPhone 8 edition is said to have 30% more sound capacity and superior screen resolution in comparison to its predecessors. The iPhone 8 introduces an all-new front and back glass design using the most durable glass available in a smartphone and a retina display HD with true tone, wide viewing angles, and brilliant colors. It also comes equipped with the most prominent camera, at 12mp, and the most powerful and potential chip featured in a smartphone, the A11 bionic chip. Along with the camera upgrade, this new generation of iPhones includes a variety of professional photo editing features, and portrait mode is now available for selfies; this allowing aspiring photographers and people appreciative of art to have a “professional” camera in their reach at all times. The iPhone 8 family also introduces a new feature, augmented reality, which is useful for gaming and apps. Although the physical design for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus did not change much, omitting the glass back, it has a variety of new and amazing features sure to leave anyone in awe. 

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is the pricier iPhone of the three, starting at $1000 (two hundred dollars more than the 8). This iPhone, unlike the 8 generation includes a 5.8-inch OLED super retina display screen. In other words, a full screen display. The X also includes the dual 12mp camera with professional features, which allows photo quality to be outstanding with every shot. This new device encloses the A11 bionic chip, the most powerful chip in a smartphone, with a neural engine and faster CPUs, similar to its counterparts. The iPhone X replaces the touch ID feature with an all new face recognition software that adapts to your facial changes over time, this is due to the lack of a home button on the X. This new technology has enabled Apple to create an emoji that imitates you through facial recognition by analyzing your facial muscle movements to mirror your expressions. All of these features, nonetheless, are possible due to the fact that its battery’s potential lasts two hours more than the iPhone 7. The iPhone X release date is set for early November of this year. But now that Apple has unveiled its newest line of products, it’s up to us to decide, is it still worth it? Or is Apple simply running out of ideas and presenting to the consumer the same idea over and over again? That is up to our discretion and personal judgment.

The iPhone 8 will be an upgrade from the phone I have now, and also the camera quality looks great. Also, the IOS looks amazing and it just looks like a good phone to have.

— Fernando Verduzco (Class of 2019)

I want the iPhone but it is well over my budget. I barely convinced my parents to get me this one I have, I can’t be spending that much on something that is going to go bad in a matter of twelve months.

— Isaac Cruz (Class of 2018)