The SAT and ACT: What you need to know

The SAT and ACT: What You Need to Know

by Louis Perez

               If you pay attention to the morning announcements, then you must be familiar with Mrs. Corona’s announcements pertaining to the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT. These exams, critical for college admissions, are taken by high school students during the second semester of their junior year and the first semester of their senior year. Most South Gate High School students are eligible to receive two fee waivers per exam.

               The SAT tests students in math and evidence-based reading and writing, and has a grading scale of 400-1600. The SAT with Essay includes an essay portion in addition to the regular exam, which is optional for certain colleges, and should be taken by students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, who also have the option of taking the SAT Subject Tests, which test students in specific subjects ranging from mathematics to foreign languages. Each subject test is scored on a 200-800 point scale and are utilized by selective colleges. Khan Academy allows students to study for the SAT by having them sync their accounts with CollegeBoard so that they may review questions from previously taken PSAT and SAT exams. The ACT is a similar exam, but tests students in science in addition to math, English and reading, and has a grading scale of 1-36. Also, a calculator is allowed for all math questions, unlike the SAT. Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are encouraged to take the ACT with Essay.

               All in all, the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT are important when being admitted into college and should be taken seriously by all students who take them. Start studying seniors, good luck!

Senior Advice

by Giselle Nevarez

As an incoming senior, Alexys Olivia has made tons of memories throughout high school; many being good but some that were bad. She kept a high GPA and participated in multiple extracurricular activities such as; leadership, SAGE, Interact, Key Club and is currently a Peer Counselor her senior year.

Here is Alexys advice for underclassmen raging from friendship to schoolwork:

  • Manage your time wisely

“Don’t get too stressed. Allow yourself to make some time for friends along with school work. Time management is the key throughout high school.”

  • Keep the good vibe close

“Keeping a positive, supportive, and motivating group of friends can go a long way, especially if you’re going through a tough time.”


“Make time for group study sessions, give yourself a motive to keep going such as a reward when you’re done with an assignment. Make post it’s and post them everywhere you will see them; this will help you remember little reminders and you can even put study notes on them.”

  • Take the SAT and ACT serious!

“Make the SAT your best friend” don’t let shoe exams slide, they influence your life greatly, so take them serious and study.

  • Don’t forget about those extracurricular

“Participate in outside extracurricular activities, such as clubs or sports, they allow you to stand out in college applications, along with getting you out of your comfort zone and meeting new people that can even become a big part of your high school memories.”


Final Advice from Alexys:

“Have school spirit, enjoy these four years, and have fun, don’t let the stress get the best of you. High school only comes around once, make it the best you can!”

Time Management

by Vicky Hernandez

Throughout your high school years, procrastination takes a big toll on you, simply because there’s so many things you may want to accomplish-whether it’s going out with friends or spending time on social media. For some people, it may not be easy to get their priorities in order. There are many ways that you can help yourself manage your time throughout the day and get everything done before your day ends. One of the things you can do is write goals for the day and the things you want to achieve. If you feel that you’ll lose your journal, then have calendars hung on our wall as a reminder.

    Another way you can manage your time is by setting a time limit on each task. By being aware of a time limit, you will boost you ability to stay focused and continue with your assignments. Don’t rush through it, wisely choose how much time you think you will need to efficiently focus and accomplish each goal. When you’ve done at least half of your homework, you can give yourself a 5-10 min break. Remember, distractions are inevitable but our main focus is to stay as far away from them when it comes time to complete homework.

    Based on advice I got from a college student named Gladys Flores, she suggests that you prioritize your assignments, set an earlier deadline for yourself and have a good sleeping schedule. In addition according to Angela Mendez, a 12th grade student, she recommends you to avoid procrastination and to take advantage of your free time to work on new assignments. Last but not least, self-motivation is key to success. Little by little your work ethic will grow, and you’ll avoid problems with decision-making because you’re already conscious of your goals and how to get the important things done.

Halloween Horror Nights 2017

by Alexander Alvarado

Every year Universal Studios terrifies thrill seekers with its Halloween Horror Nights. This year’s Halloween Horror Nights will feature mazes from both iconic movies and shows. Some of the mazes include The Shining, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Insidious, and so much more. 

Halloween Horror Nights is a great place to go with family or friends to get you into the Halloween spirit and get a good scare. Universal Studios also has select rides like Revenge of the Mummy, The Simpsons Ride, Transformers – The Ride- 3D, and Jurassic Park: In The Dark open during Horror Nights.

“It was absolutely fantastic. I had so much fun with friends and it was a cool experience overall. I met some cool people which was great. The only thing that I did not like was the long lines which kind of prevents people from going to pretty much all of the mazes”, says SGHS Student Emileano Castillo, who attended the event last year. Elizabeth Padilla also attended Horror Nights and she said “My initial thoughts were “Enter if you dare!” After experiencing it, I thought it was an awesome, immersive experience, if you’re a horror fan. If you’re into it then it should be fun because it’s as if you’re stepping into the movie. Something I didn’t like were the ticket prices and the amount of time you have to wait for some of the mazes. A highlight of mine was meeting some celebrities.”

This year it will begin September 15th and end November 4th. Purchase tickets now to avoid missing out on a great October event.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit:

Apple’s New iPhone Family: Is it still worth it?

by Krystal R Guerrero

Following Apple’s special event this September, three new iPhones were unveiled, that being the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (10). The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, being released in September of this year, will include all too familiar features and a few new ones. The iPhone 8 edition is said to have 30% more sound capacity and superior screen resolution in comparison to its predecessors. The iPhone 8 introduces an all-new front and back glass design using the most durable glass available in a smartphone and a retina display HD with true tone, wide viewing angles, and brilliant colors. It also comes equipped with the most prominent camera, at 12mp, and the most powerful and potential chip featured in a smartphone, the A11 bionic chip. Along with the camera upgrade, this new generation of iPhones includes a variety of professional photo editing features, and portrait mode is now available for selfies; this allowing aspiring photographers and people appreciative of art to have a “professional” camera in their reach at all times. The iPhone 8 family also introduces a new feature, augmented reality, which is useful for gaming and apps. Although the physical design for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus did not change much, omitting the glass back, it has a variety of new and amazing features sure to leave anyone in awe. 

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is the pricier iPhone of the three, starting at $1000 (two hundred dollars more than the 8). This iPhone, unlike the 8 generation includes a 5.8-inch OLED super retina display screen. In other words, a full screen display. The X also includes the dual 12mp camera with professional features, which allows photo quality to be outstanding with every shot. This new device encloses the A11 bionic chip, the most powerful chip in a smartphone, with a neural engine and faster CPUs, similar to its counterparts. The iPhone X replaces the touch ID feature with an all new face recognition software that adapts to your facial changes over time, this is due to the lack of a home button on the X. This new technology has enabled Apple to create an emoji that imitates you through facial recognition by analyzing your facial muscle movements to mirror your expressions. All of these features, nonetheless, are possible due to the fact that its battery’s potential lasts two hours more than the iPhone 7. The iPhone X release date is set for early November of this year. But now that Apple has unveiled its newest line of products, it’s up to us to decide, is it still worth it? Or is Apple simply running out of ideas and presenting to the consumer the same idea over and over again? That is up to our discretion and personal judgment.

The iPhone 8 will be an upgrade from the phone I have now, and also the camera quality looks great. Also, the IOS looks amazing and it just looks like a good phone to have.

— Fernando Verduzco (Class of 2019)

I want the iPhone but it is well over my budget. I barely convinced my parents to get me this one I have, I can’t be spending that much on something that is going to go bad in a matter of twelve months.

— Isaac Cruz (Class of 2018)

There’s A New Boy Band In Town?

by Brenda Palacios

On June 22, 2017, on ABC, a new TV show was aired called Boy Band. This new show is a music competition that sees thousands of talented singers to audition for a future boy band. Five boys from the show will win a contract with Hollywood Records. Each episode features a different theme which range from girl power to blast from the past songs and more. The architects, which is what the show call their judges move contestants around in order to figure out which boys have the best combination of voices. Each group performs and receives critiques from the architects resulting in two boys being put up for elimination and one boy being saved by the viewers’ votes. 
          On August 24, 2017, the top five were revealed:
1. Michael Conor, a 19 year old rapping-violinist from Ohio. 
2. Sergio Calderon, a 16 year old Spanish singer rom Redwood City, CA.
3.  Chance Perez, a 19 year old father of a two year old, from Seal Beach, CA.
4. Drew Ramos, a 19 year old from the Bronx, NY who used to sing on subway platforms.
5. Brady Tutton, a 15 year old from Wisconsin, who is a trained opera singer and actor.
           The new band is called “In Real Life”, and their new debut single is “Eyes Closed.”  This song has already hit Top 10 on the iTunes charts and has reached more than a million streams on Spotify. “I couldn’t believe how fast they are growing, from performing in a studio every Thursday which I was gratefully apart of, to even going to the VMA’s! Everyone should listen to their new song because it sends a great message,” said Lidia Salinas, a senior. Are you ready for a new boy band? Then follow their journey on social media at @InRealLife.