by Samantha Perez

Hanako-san, is the Japanese Boogyman. Hanako was a petite, innocent young girl who was killed at a very young age. Seeking revenge, her now corrupted soul lingers and haunts the bathrooms of many schools across Japan. Many people to this day still speculate and debate the cause of her death. Some believe that she was murdered by a close parent or family member while other believe she was killed during an air raid of World War II. Nonetheless, in order to summon Hanako one must be in a bathroom, similar to the Bloody Mary ritual in the western hemisphere. The person is then supposed to head to the third stall and knock exactly three times. A soft, sinister voice will then whisper “I’m here.” If the player decides to enter the bathroom stall, then standing before him/her will be a small girl in a white shirt and red skirt.

The legend of Daruma-san also involves another unearthly being. Her story begins in a Japanese household. One night, a middle-aged woman by the name Daruma decided to shower. In a misfortune of events, she accidentally fell, and gauging out her eye, instantly killing her. Commonly known as the “Bath Game”, there is a ritual in order to summon Daruma-san. The basic steps are to be in a bathtub and wash your hair as you repeat the words “Daruma-san fell down” over and over with your eyes fully shut. It is believed that when the player wakes up in the morning, the game will officially begin with a ghostly figure following the player throughout the day. The game ends when the player yells the safe word releasing the spirit of Daruma-san will be gone. Are you foolish enough to summon Hanako-san or Daruma-san at your next sleep over party?