Stolen Dreams: DACA Decision

by Jennifer Garcia

Chaos, fear, and arguments have surfaced in both the political and public atmosphere as over 800,00 people across the U.S. live in fear of a recent presidential decision. The program DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), established by former president Barack Obama, is used to aid undocumented students, known as Dreamers, who came into the United States at a very young age. However, President Donald Trump has moved towards ending this program, potentially ruining the lives of a large portion of Americans.

Despite the hard work Dreamers demonstrate, conservative political figures have pushed to deport them at whatever cost. The Democratic and Republican Parties cannot reach a consensus in order to bring a solution to the complete elimination of DACA, which has not eased the minds of Dreamers or their families. 

Rightfully outraged, many have taken action into their own hands by emailing/messaging their state Senators and have even brought awareness to the situation via protests. An effort to gain public support all aid in preventing unjust deportation of children, many of whom do not even remember their “home country.” For many people, time has stopped in anxious apprehension, but the clock is still ticking for as a deadlocked Congress drags its feet on the program’s fate.