Snow Monster

by Daise Moreno 

Having a rotten day? What you need is to sweeten it up with Snow Monster Ice Cream! Snow Monster is becoming one of the trendiest restaurants in LA selling a delightful array of Boba drinks and ice cream macaroon sandwiches.  They’re very well known for their light bulb bottles topped with a cotton candy cloud and covered with your favorite cereal paired with a variety of flavored drinks, and ice cream flavors.

The macaroon sandwiches are uniquely deigned to have cute faces on them making your treat Instagram ready. They also have an Oreo cookie rolled up in a chocolate chip cookie dough sandwich with cookies ’n cream ice cream in between. They freshly brew their famous tea with boba everyday perfect to go with your preferred Ice-cream sandwich.

Crystal Canela, a big foodie, claims she has “never tasted a better strawberry boba drink!” Her Favorite treat is the almond cloud macaroon ice cream sandwich with Colombian coffee; and the best part is that she never spends more than 11 dollars and always ends up satisfied with her order!

Snow monster appeals to many people because of their low prices ranging from 4-10 dollars and their 4 star rating on Yelp. It’s located at 3465 W 6th St #120, Los Angeles, CA 90020 open from 12 am-12pm. Sweet, trendy, yet affordable ice cream is only a short 10 minutes away, definitely making Snow Monster worth a try!