Little Damage 

by Crystal Canela 

Charcoal infused products have made their way onto the market through face masks, soaps,   and now ice cream cones. Little Damage, a small ice cream shop located in Downtown, LA has broken the internet with their black ice cream and cone creations. The color of the cone is produced by infused charcoal that is later hand rolled into a perfect waffle cone. What do you think black ice cream taste like? According to the Little Damage staff, “the black ice cream is called Dark Cinns and it tastes like strawberries.” Other popular desserts include their “goth ice cream” and “unicorn inspired” ice cream which is shaped like a unicorn’s horn. The shop offers four ice cream flavors: Dark Cinnns, Unicorn Tears, Avocado Dreams and Salted Covfefe. One serving in a cup costs $6 but you can a buy black cone and receive 1 free topping for just a dollar more. Painted phrases can be found on the ground surrounding the location which can add a cool effect to your foodie photos. Little Damage is located on the corner of 7th and Spring in Downtown, LA.  Are you ready to commit a Dark Cinn?