Hot Cheetos Elote 

by Crystal Canela 

Hungry students who are looking for a quick snack afterschool tend to buy elotes (corn on the cob) and hot Cheetos, fast snacks to grab and go. Everyday afterschool, a herd of students attack the elote man who sales outside the Dearborn gate. Two of their favorite snacks have been combined at Swirl Fiesta, in Riverside California an elote covered in Hot Cheeto crumbs. Hot Cheetos have become an additional topping on many foods like wings, mac n’ cheese and now elotes. This combo sparked the internet when pictures were leaked but the people didn’t know where to get them. They are the first to establish this type of topping on an elote, retailing for an average of $4.50.

Swirl Fiesta is located on 7706 Limonite Ave, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 in Riverside. You don’t necessarily need to get this spicy treat when they offer sweet ones too. It is a friendly environment for all people who are not convinced to try it yet because they serve much more. The juice bar serves a variety of creative desserts such as tostilocos, mangoniadas, boba, elotes, esquietes and frozen yogurt. If you prefer an esquite they are able to add hot cheetos crumbs to cover the top of your cup. Satisfied customers have said, “The hour long ride will be worth it.” As of right now, Swirl Fiesta is the only producer of the Hot Cheeto elote. If you want to see what all the hype is all about and go check them out! If I have not convinced you yet, Google “Swirl Fiesta hot Cheeto Elote” to get blown away by their aesthetic creation(s). It’s hot and spicy with a sour kick.