By Albert Moran

Los Angeles is a very popular tourist destination. Many attractions and sights bring billions in revenue annually, and this is from tourism. Thousands of people visit places like Griffith Park, the Observatory, Downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, and Venice Beach daily. However, one attraction at Venice Beach has gained national attention, the Venice Beach Freak Show.

            Opened in 2006 by owner Todd Ray, the Venice Beach Freak Show became one of Venice’s most noticeable and memorable attractions. The freak show features live two headed animals, and many wonders, and magnificent sights, such as deformed animals, with extra limbs. It is followed by a live act packed with sword swallowing and the littlest lady in L.A. The freak show definitely has a fan base, especially since the famous AMC television series, Freak Show, where the lives and journeys of the Freak Show performers were broadcasted to the nation.

            The Freak Show announced in late April, that they will be closing their doors. Plans to reopen its freak show are still unclear at the moment and no location has been given to its reopening; however, plans to reopen are very likely, the real question is where? The building which was once home to the Venice Beach Freak Show, is now home to the cafeteria for the new SnapChat headquarters. SnapChat has made many unhappy and generated a movement of people against SnapChat with signs posted on private residences stating “Evict SnapChat.” Sadly, the signs have had no impact thus far, but the movement has a strong following on social media.