By Melissa Annet Vega


            In Mexico City, tourists taking pictures of popular locations and historical landmarks is not an odd sight. A new tour, however, reimagined the idea of sightseeing into an educational and satirical attraction known as the Corruptour. The purpose of the tour is to inform citizens and tourists about the corruption occurring daily in Mexico and what they can do to stop it, all while poking fun at some of the most powerful and influential politicians in the country. Traveling through Mexico City, in a school bus with a sawed-off top, tourists are taken to visit 12 locations. At the capital building, for example, where they discuss occasions in which congressmen have bribed media to not put out specific information, participated in under the table deals with large corporations, and misappropriated government funds for the building which include new leather seats imported from Italy but no funding to install a ramp for people with disabilities. Another location they visit is the Antimonumento Ayotzinapa, a monument meant to honor the 43 students that disappeared from Guerrero and are believed to have been cheated out of a legitimate investigation that can deliver justice and closure to the families of the assumed deceased. The bus tour is funded by private and public donations. Volunteers oversee the trip that happens every Sunday and the ride is free.