By Kimberly Martinez

A favorite among hikers who enjoy longer trails in the wilderness, Runyon Canyon is a great

hike. This is one of the most popular and most accessible hikes in L.A. There’s a gently arranged

paved path for beginners, a rare off-leash dog area for our family pets, free yoga near the Fuller

Avenue entrance, and a surprisingly rugged outer loop that will give you a good workout. A

junior from our school, Valerie Facio stated, “I hiked up Runyon Canyon twice and both times

were really fun I enjoyed the great view of the Hollywood sign I would recommend it to

everyone that enjoys long hikes.” Yes, there are also frequent celebrities hiking the trail– so go

ahead and possibly see some stars while you watch the sun set! This hike has great views of

Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign.

Trail Details

Distance: 3.25 miles

Elevation change: 500 to 800 feet

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Open to: Hikers, dogs

Stipulations: It’s free!