By Alondra Borquez

  The Trojans ended their regular season as No.9, ranked only a few spots behind the biggest college football teams in the nation such as Clemson and Alabama. Although the Trojans started the season losing three of their first four games, they pulled out an impressive Rose Bowl win against Penn State with a score of 52-49. It was an intense game which led to a tough fourth quarter fight where the Trojans persevered beating Penn State with a game winning 46 yard field goal.

  USC’s athletic 6 foot 4 freshmen quarterback Sam Darnold, had an amazing game passing for an impressive 453 yards resulting in 5 touchdowns. This stellar rookie performance led the team to an astonishing victory. Penn State looked dominant in the first quarter but the Trojan’s offensive line kept the Penn State defense out of the back field allowing Darnold to get comfortable and have a heck of game. This is one of the biggest games in the nation, the pressure must have been intense. 

  The Trojans were almost finished when they trailed 49-53 with nine minutes to play, but Darnold and the Trojans had other plans in mind. They led one of the most entertaining fourth quarters in college football. This is the Trojans ninth consecutive Rose Bowl win and their first since 2009.