By Jacqueline Saucedo

As Track and Field season approaches senior, Christian Aguirre, is looking forward to going to C.I.F. His track career began in the 10th grade when one of his football coaches told him that he had the speed to join. This season he is the team captain.

The team just began practices and are working on their skills to assure that they are prepared for season in the spring. Christian tries his hardest at practice because he knows that someone is always watching and that how you perform at practice will be how one performs during a meet. 

Holding the position of captain makes him want to train harder and always be positive because he knows his team looks up to him. Through his experience he has dealt with people who want to quit the team but he does not let them, instead he motivates them to train harder because he believes in them. One of the most challenging experiences of his track career was going to C.I.F. and placing 2nd. This season he is determined to bring home the win.

Post high school he plans on enrolling in a university and getting involved with track and field. Thus far he has received five offers from different universities to join their program; he plans on enrolling in Fresno State University.