The Trump Effect: Women’s Health

by David Escobar


            In the Reagan-era, a controversial decision was made to institute a guideline called the “global gag rule”. A gag rule is one that limits the discussion and awareness of a particular subject, in Reagan’s case, he disallowed any US funded organization to discuss abortion. As of the first week of his presidency, Donald Trump has decided to reinstate this global gag rule, meaning that any foreign organization that receives United States funding, is not allowed to allocate any of that money into abortion services. No matter the way the funds were received, if an organization is funded by the US government in any way, they may not offer or discuss any assistance in the field of abortion.

            This decision is the subject of heated debate between various conservative and liberal parties, but as the politicians bicker, we must analyze the dangers that the gag rule has presented to foreign women in the past. Based on data from the Reagan and Bush eras, the last presidencies that the gag rule was in place for, Marie Stopes International estimates that there will be 2.1 million unsafe abortions during Trump’s presidency, as a result of the reinstatement. The World Health Organization also estimates that abortion rates will increase by 40%. According to Stanford University Health Organization, unsafe abortions lead to 13% of maternal deaths. Donald Trump’s gag rule creates a major health danger for women in foreign countries and endangers their lives.