The Struggle in Aleppo

by David Escobar


Aleppo, the capital of Syria and its biggest warzone, is a city with almost no refuge. Since July of 2012, there has been a constant battle between government and anti-government forces.  This battle has placed the 2.3 million innocent citizens of Aleppo’s lives at risk. Government agencies support Bashar al-Assad and include Hezbollah, Russian forces, and Iranian forces. Rebel powers include the Syrian Resistance and local rebellion fighters. This battle has led to the deaths of 82 civilians according to the Syrian government.

A new deal has been struck between the rebels and Syrian government that will result in the evacuation of thousands of refugees and fighters. Evacuation will be beneficial to both sides of the front. Buses have been coming into the city since mid-December, and under the contracted deal 4,000 people will be able to take refuge away from this hellish landscape of war. This new deal is all coming after the claim of victory from the Syrian government. While this agreement has seemingly brought peace, it certainly hasn’t ended the confrontation. In Eastern-Aleppo, the evacuation has been put on a temporary hold and both sides are unsure of continuation due to a violation of a prior deal between the two. The finality of this battle may be soon, but it is still yet to be certain.