By Alondra Olmos

SGHS junior, Isabel Lizarraga has been captain of the varsity girls’ basketball team since her freshman year. This is not all that surprising since she started playing basketball at the age of 6. Isabel states, “I honestly just fell in love with the game, I have seen all the professionals, usually Kobe, and I immediately knew what I wanted to be great in. Seeing Kobe play, and seeing how great he was, I want to be just like that.”

Isabel says one of the benefits of playing basketball is that you develop good social skills, and learn how to work well with other people. She also mentions that it teaches you to take criticism well. Her advice to underclassmen who are looking to try out is, “You have to be willing to sacrifice certain things. Basketball can take up a lot of your time. Also, understand that if you want to be good or great at this sport you must be dedicated.”

Isabel is an all-around player, however she usually plays point guard or shooting guard. Isabel is very proud of the teams’ accomplishments so far, “Last season we did great, we won a title for our school. We won CIF and we are now champions.” Isabel believes last seasons’ success has definitely ramped up expectations for this season so practices have been extremely tough. They have practice every day after school, and occasionally have morning practices.