The Mandela Effect is the moment you realize that something you believed happened for so long turns out to be a false memory. The name comes from people remembering Nelson Mandela’s death in prison during the 80’s, but his actual passing occurred in 2013. Some people even believe they saw his funeral on television. If something like this has happened to you, you are most likely a victim to the Mandela Effect as well.

            For example, the famous hot dog brand Oscar Mayer, is thought by most to be spelled M-e-y-e-r not M-a-y-e-r. Also, the tip of Pikachu’s tail is not black at all, yet, that’s not how many remember it. Some people claim that the cartoon character Curious George, has a tail all along, although no images show him with one. Another poplar example, is the Volkswagen logo, in which some people remember the V and W as connected, while the actual logo has a gap between the two letters. The list goes on and on.

            One theory is that this happens because some people have travelled to a parallel universe in which all these things were true i.e. Nelson Mandela’s death really occurred in the 80’s. Another popular theory, is that our memory may not be that precise at all, which would lead us to believe Pikachu’s tail tip was black, or that curious George never had a tail. Regardless, most of us will encounter many situations in our lives in which we experience the Mandela Effect, and now we have a name for it.