By Bryan Hernandez

Although life might’ve seemed pleasant throughout Thanksgiving Break – the long nights spent awake binge watching Netflix series, sleeping in, eating more than your body can handle – seemed like you were living life to the fullest. However, the constant thought of school; homework assignments, college applications, etc., made the break a drag at times. Students were asked how they managed to have fun and enjoy their time off while being a scholar simultaneously.

“What did you do Thanksgiving Break and how were you able to meet school demands?”

·       “I did all my homework the night before we came back to school. It was a pretty bad choice now that I think of it”

        Sofia Valadez, SGHS Junior

·       “I didn’t let the distractions around me affect my school work ethic”

        Gabriel Hernandez III, SGHS Deceiving Senior

·       “Even though I went out with friends almost every day throughout the week, but by managing my time I was able to finish my homework, even if I did it all last night”

        Nancy Herrera, SGHS Junior