By Bryan Hernandez

            With the Christmas spirit already making its way onto lawns, student attire, and music playlists, some have begun to plan out their days off throughout the three week vacation. For most of us, winter break will consist of; staying up late at night binge watching shows on Netflix, sleeping in ‘til 2:00pm, procrastinating on homework until the weekend before we return to class, or even going out with friends every now and then.

            On the other hand, some of us will spend winter break a little different. Whether it’s going out of town to visit relatives, enjoying a night at a concert, or doing memorable things you might regret in 10-15 years – whatever they shall be.


            For freshman, winter break is the time where they’ll realize they still have 3 long years ahead of them, sorry to break it to you. Keep in mind that those 3 years can be great years of academic achievements and fun, or 3 rough years of struggle and regret, choose wisely.

            However, seniors only have to endure a couple more months before they can walk the stage in their cap and gown as they stare into the stands realizing the moment has finally come, farewell high school. Some will be relieved college applications are done, while others will stress and be anxious to know if the college of their dreams will become their home for the next 4 or so years. As the thought of graduation roams through their mind, another thing will slither its way into the lives of many, Senioritis. Although the thought of school approaching its end might tempt many to slack off, one should definitely finish their last semester of high school strong and proud.

Students were asked the following questions:

·       What are your plans for winter break?

“Um the only thing I actually look forward to during winter break is Christmas and my birthday.”

        Denisse Beltran, SGHS Freshman

“I’m going to condition for track, prepare myself for the Academic Decathlon competition, EAT, homework, and spend Christmas in Lake Tahoe, hopefully.”

        Natalie Morales, SGHS Sophomore

“SAT Studying, I plan on taking it during the spring semester, also going to prepare for upcoming debate tournaments. I’m also going out with friends and hope to have a good time.”

        Francisco Serrano, SGHS Junior

“I’m going to go visit my family in Mexico.”

        Eric Nuñez, SGHS Senior