By Jacqueline Saucedo

At the age of five, junior, Jonathan Panduro began playing soccer. He has been playing for 11 years. His father was behind the reason why he started playing the sport. “My dad was always telling me how I needed to be in a sport so I chose soccer. I have been playing soccer ever since. This will be my third year playing for South Gate.”

Jonathan really enjoys playing against South East because everyone gets pumped up and motivated to win. “When I am on the field at a game, what keeps me motivated is my dedication.”

He is thankful that his father put him in the sport at an early age because it gave him a head start and allowed him to develop a passion for the sport. “Soccer has had a positive impact on me.” The sport has taught him responsibility, leadership, and cooperation. Soccer has made him humble because no matter what, soccer has taught him that there is always room for improvement.