UCLAs Basketball Star

By Alondra Borquez


   Lonzo Ball has been playing basketball since the age of two. As a high school senior in 2016, he was awarded multiple national high school player of the year awards. Throughout his high school years he led his team to an undefeatable record, as well as a national championship.  Ball was rated a five-star recruiter as well as the number-one point guard by the major scouting services. He is now a committed former player of the UCLA Bruins basketball team and is putting quite a great show for only being a new recruiter.

 Ball was in complete control during his legendary high school career in California at Chino Hills. While there he teamed with his two younger brothers for an undefeated season powered by full court outlet passes. A style that helped Ball average a triple double. At only seven games into his career, UCLA is undefeated and Ball is leading the way by infusing a little bit of Chino Hills into the Bruins. Lonzo Ball isn’t adjusting to the college game as much as he’s making it adjust to him.

 The Bruins are #7 in offensive efficiency and #12 at speed, with Ball leading the Bruins in assists at 9.1 per game. NBA scouts are taking notice. Ball began the season at number 14 in Draft Express, the way he’s playing should most likely boost him to go farther. It’s clear that the system of Chino Hills didn’t make Lonzo, he did. Ball isn’t changing for UCLA. The Bruins are likely thrilled to change for him.




Dallas Cowboy’s longest win streak

By Alondra Olmos

Although the Cowboys started off the season with a tough loss against the Giants, they celebrated Thanksgiving by taking over first place in the NFC East. After sending the Washington Redskins home with a 31-26 vanquish, the Cowboys are currently in entire control of the division.

Even with the pressure of star quarterback Tony Romo being sidelined due to back injury, the Cowboys have managed to make it work and succeed as a team.  Due to their amazing win streak, the Cowboys are this year’s Cinderella story of the NFL. Led by its surprisingly dynamic duo of rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the team appears destined to set more records. Cowboy receiver, Dez Bryant is keeping the team grounded through stating, “When you get comfortable you’re going to fall apart. It’s still a long season. We have to make sure everyone’s mind is right, including mine. We have to be chasing something.” It seems like the Cowboys might just be “chasing” their first Super Bowl appearance since 1996.

This has the potential to be the team’s longest win streak during a single season ever. They won 11 regular-season games in a row between 1968-1969, and 12 from 1971-1972. If they continue to win, Cowboys could be going for their 13th win when they face the Buccaneers on December 18th.


By Jacqueline Saucedo

At the age of five, junior, Jonathan Panduro began playing soccer. He has been playing for 11 years. His father was behind the reason why he started playing the sport. “My dad was always telling me how I needed to be in a sport so I chose soccer. I have been playing soccer ever since. This will be my third year playing for South Gate.”

Jonathan really enjoys playing against South East because everyone gets pumped up and motivated to win. “When I am on the field at a game, what keeps me motivated is my dedication.”

He is thankful that his father put him in the sport at an early age because it gave him a head start and allowed him to develop a passion for the sport. “Soccer has had a positive impact on me.” The sport has taught him responsibility, leadership, and cooperation. Soccer has made him humble because no matter what, soccer has taught him that there is always room for improvement.

Staying Active over Winter Break

By Alondra Olmos

            Many of us spend our breaks kicking back and enjoying our whole day in bed. Although watching movies, being on social media, and staying in bed sounds like a good time, there are many ways for you to stay active and have fun during the break.

            SGHS Senior, Jose Jimenez, has been playing soccer since he was 13 years old. Long days of practice and hundreds of games of expereience have led him to play for L.A. Salsa SC, a club soccer team that plays during the Fall and Spring. He is also on the SGHS boy’s volleyball team. Countless hours of strength and skills conditioning will definitely keep Jose in top shape and help him prepare for the upcoming sports seasons.

Natalie Morales, SGHS Sophomore class president, spends most of her free time staying active. Natalie plans to prepare herself for our high school’s track team over winter break. She will be conditioning herself by running and working out at South Gate Park.


Water Polo

By Alondra Olmos

         Water polo has been around since the 19th century. If you aren’t familiar with the sport, let me start by saying it is is a combination of swimming, soccer, basketball, and even hockey. It is played in about 20 feet of water, making it one of the toughest sports in the world.

Water polo was one of the first team sports established at the modern Olympic Games in 1900. It is now popular in many countries around the world, such as Europe, Canada, Australia, and surprisingly, the United States. It was first played in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland.  In 1869, a rubber ball replaced the original ball, which was made with leather from a pig’s stomach.

The game consists of 7 players, 1 being the goalkeeper and 6 are field players. The goalies job is to defend a large netted goal. The 6 players must attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into their opponent’s goal. Rather than using their feet, water polo players are allowed to use only one hand at a time to pass or shoot the ball. An average game lasts for about 45 minutes, this includes four 7-minute quarters that actually last around 12 minutes, depending on the referee and 2 minute rests between quarters. Each goal is worth 1 point, just like soccer. Scores are in the range of 6-15 goals per game.

Although water polo is considered a male dominated sport, several woman are outstandingly good at it. Senior, Isabel Villanueva, female starter of our high school water polo team says she finds the sport very fun. When asked what it’s like to be playing in a male dominated sport she said, “It feels normal, the boys make me feel welcome and I’m happy they treat me as equal.” Isabel also mentions how she got to work on her teamwork and communication skills. Despite water polo being a complex sport, she says she the only challenges she faces is playing against boys because they’re physically bigger.


By Estela Reyes

The first ever Fédération international de natation (FINA) World Short Course Swimming Championship is scheduled to take place in Canada at the Windsor Family Credit Union Centre (WFCU), an arena among the best in its class in North America.  Windsor will welcome up to 1,000 of the world’s best swimmers from over 176 countries, including the stars of the Summer Olympics in Rio. This event is expected to draw more than 35,000 spectators as swimmers come together to compete for 46 gold medals over 6 days of competition that are scheduled.

 Canada has 13 swimmers competing at the 11th FINA World Swimming Championship.  The event will be for events such as: swimming, diving, high diving, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo. This event was first held in 1973 and is now held every two years. The United States is ranked first place with 540 medals, China comes in second with 266, and Russia comes in third with 257.

 “I enjoy swim because when I’m in the water I feel unstoppable” –Samantha Pastor, 9th grade
“I enjoy swim because when I’m in the water I feel unstoppable” –Samantha Pastor, 9th grade
 “I enjoy it so much because swim is a sportwhere you can only rely on yourself and you     don’t breathe, it is the ultimate challenge of    endurance and strength and it always gives back to me” –Isabel Villanueva,12th grade
“I enjoy it so much because swim is a sportwhere you can only rely on yourself and you     don’t breathe, it is the ultimate challenge of    endurance and strength and it always gives back to me” –Isabel Villanueva,12th grade
 “Knowing how to swim opens the door to other water activities like surfing, diving, and water polo” –Leslie Mercado, 12th grade
“Knowing how to swim opens the door to other water activities like surfing, diving, and water polo” –Leslie Mercado, 12th grade