By Kimberly Martinez

            As the holidays approach, we as a community should start thinking about helping people in need. Helping people can really make them feel that they aren’t alone. The city of Los Angeles is known for their soup kitchen that feeds many people on a regular basis. However, most soup kitchens are closed for the holidays.  One of the ways we can help is collecting canned food drive or anything that is packaged in a sealed container. SGHS participates in an annual canned food for Thanksgiving. Many students enjoy helping out.  Senior Wendy Hernandez said, “I enjoy helping my community so I’m glad that our school is participating in the canned food drive because I am able to bring all the canned food from my house.” If we can all promise to bring at least two cans, many people will be able to eat this holiday. The collection begins a couple of days before Thanksgiving, so make sure to listen to the announcements and are aware of when and where you can bring your cans. You can also talk to your teachers and set up a canned food collection for your class.