By. Allen Chavez

Do any of us actually know the truth behind Thanksgiving? Many Americans think of thanksgiving as a wonderful time to celebrate just like getting out of school for a long weekend, and eating large amount of foods or might even think that it’s the start of the Christmas holiday season.

The truth is many of us were taught that the pilgrims sailed from England and landed on Plymouth Rock. Over two months later, barely surviving their first winter. With the help of Squanto and the friendly Wampanoag, who taught the Pilgrims to fish and plant corn and squash. The first thanksgiving in 1621 was held to celebrate a harvest with the tribe that helped make it possible.

Many of this was true but they left out the part on why the Pilgrims were actually thankful. The UGLY TRUTH was that the pilgrims were thankful that the Native population was actually decreasing. Professor Loewon writes, “Ninety armed settlers burned a Native village, along their crops, and then demanded the Natives to turn in the murderers. When the Natives refused, a massacre followed.”  But almost like anything there’s the lies then there’s the harsh truth of things.