By Albert Moran

               Since we were just children, pirate treasure has been in cartoons, and movies. However, what we don’t know is that there is hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars’ worth of unfound gold sitting on the ocean floor. In many parts of the world, people go on treasure hunts to find these lost fortunes but unfortunately, most people perish during their discovery. However, some people get lucky, according to Alex Sinclair on, a family found 300 thousand dollars’ worth of gold just 150 yards offshore. Wat gold is this family after? Well they were after the sunken Spanish fleet.

               After the Spain’s War of Succession in 1712, they had very little money. So in turn, they sent 11 ships to retrieve gold from the colonies of the New World. These 11 ships were to retrieve emeralds, gold, and silver to transport from Cuba to Spain. For some reason, the commanding officer decided to wait until hurricane season to set sail for Spain from Cuba. A week later, the fleet had sunk, and thousands of sailors were dead. Of the 11 ships, 4 have yet to be found. Pieces of treasure still wash up to shore to this day along the beautiful beaches of Florida. In 2015, a family found 4 million dollars’ worth of gold on a beach, including a gold coin belonging to a king.

               One of the 11 ships was believed to survive the storms, since it was lighter than the other ships. Many people believe that t survived, and sailed up the coast of North Carolina. Either way, finding the sunken San Miguel would result in you being worth an estimated $2 billion dollars. Either way, the whereabouts of the billion dollar ship still remain unknown. This is probably the most famous lost treasure ever. It has been included in video games such Assassins Creed, and in movies such as Fool’s Gold! If you ever feel like taking a vacation to Florida, don’t hesitate to stop by these beaches.