In America, we have the biggest selection of junk food than any other place in the world. This is the main reason America is the most obese country in the world. What many people fail to do in this country is read. If you read the ingredients on a bag of hot Cheetos, maybe you’d change your mind about taking another bite, or maybe you wouldn’t. However, the consumption of Hot Cheetos by today’s youth is insanely high. Not just hot Cheetos, but any kind of hot red chips. And now that your mouth is on fire, how about some red Kool-Aid to help soothe your tongue? Yeah, I bet that’ll do the trick!

               So how do the Hot Cheetos get to a bright fluorescent red? How does Kool-Aid achieve that beautiful dark red that we pour into our cups? The answer is simple. Any processed food that is red, contains red #40. What is red #40? It is an insect that gets crushed and processed with other chemicals to make a red dye. Yes, you heard me correct, the main ingredient is an insect that looks very much like a bed bug.

               This bug is not just used in chips, and Kool-Aid either. The FDA approves a certain amount of these bugs to fall into a jar of peanut butter, and still be sold to consumers around the globe. Imagine that! The FDA, allows bugs, live bugs, to be pulverized and placed into our peanut butter. You probably think that even if it is from an animal, we have ben harvesting meat from animals since the beginning of time! However, this bug in particular has been linked to causing ADHD. If you think ADHD is worth that fluorescent red bag of Cheetos, then please be my guest.