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2016 Election

By Mitchell Agredano

               On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Despite early poll results, Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote, earning just 228 Electoral votes, nowhere near Trump’s 279 Electoral votes, with 270 votes required to win presidency. It should be noted that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, with 59,814,018 votes, beating Trump’s 59,611,678 votes.

               The Republican Party won the majority of the Senate, obtaining 51 seats to the Democrat’s 48 seats. In addition to their victory in the Senate, the Republicans won the House of Representatives with 239 seats to the Democrat’s 192 votes.

               While many Americans were disappointed that we will not have our first female president, there were some victories for females in American politics. Kamala Harris became the second African-American and the first Indian-American US Senator. Kate Brown became the first openly LGBT governor, winning her election in the state of Oregon. Catherine Cortiz Masto became the first Latina to ever become a senator. Finally, Pramila Jayapal is the first Indian-American woman to be elected to the House of Representatives. While it may not be a victory in the presidency, it is definitely a step-forward in achieving equality for women.