By: Bryan Hernandez

               Take it from someone who was among the top five students of her class Junior Year, a peer counselor who manages her time and does well academically while still being involved in extracurricular activities. SGHS Senior, Aryanna Sanchez, shares her advice on how she was able to reach the position she’s now in.

            Aryanna recommends working extremely hard. Although it might be easy to slack off, procrastinate, and put things off until later, putting in those extra hours of studying and sacrificing certain things, such as going out with friends to the beach when you have a unit exam the following day, can go a long way far when trying to earn those A’s. Whether it’s re-reading chapters or going over notes and homework, you should definitely prepare yourself when an exam is coming up. Being the one with the highest grade on the exam will feel better than having your foot engulfed in seaweed.


            Here’s a list of approved tips on passing classes and finals:

·        “Do Your Homework!”
– Homework reinforces what’s being taught in the classroom. If you didn’t have a chance to fully understand the lesson in class, homework allows you to practice it at your pace, strengthening your comprehension of the subject.


·        “Befriend the person who understands the curriculum better than yourself.”
– Develop a positive and productive friendship with those who can help you better your understanding. Feel free to ask that person any and all questions you may have on the subject, and be willing to help one another progress academically.

·        “Study groups are a must!”
– You might be the person who believes studying alone is the best possible way to pass an exam; however, taking part in a study group will expose you to different studying techniques from classmates who frequently perform well on tests. Study groups are essential for someone who wishes to ace their test and/or doesn’t quite know how to study effectively.