By Albert Moran

While there is a lot of speculation on if this game works, or if the midnight man is even real, many thrill seekers still play. There is really no solid evidence of the existence of the midnight ghoul, however, many people who played the game have said that playing the game was the worst decision of their lives.

The game first rose to popularity on the internet in the early 2010’s when creepy pastas overwhelmed the internet. This gave way to the creation of many mythical creatures, such as the slender man, or other games such as the elevator game. The game involves a player going around their dark house avoiding the midnight man at all costs. But be aware! Play at your own risk and avoid the midnight man at all costs!

Playing the game is very simple. Well first we must begin with the materials required to successfully complete the summoning of the Midnight Man. You must have a paper, pencil, sharp object, candle, salt, matches, and a WOODEN door. It is key that the door is wood, if not the ritual will not work. CAUTION! I highly encourage that you do not play this game under any circumstances! However, if you choose to ignore my warnings, follow these steps.

Step 1: Turn off every light source in your homes. Phones, televisions, even night lights! Everything off.

Step 2: Light a candle outside your WOODEN door.

Step 3: Write your name on a piece of paper, and use the sharp object to prick yourself, and place a small drop of blood beside your name.

Step 4: At 11:59, knock on your door 22 times, but make sure you knock 22 times before 12:00A.M. strikes.

Step 5: Once 12:00A.M. strikes, blow out the candle and enter your home. Close the door, and once you’re completely inside. Relight the candle. You have now successfully invited the Midnight Man into your home.

Step 6: Once the candle is relit, the game has begun. You must move throughout your house, and keep the candle on at all times! If the candle goes out, you have 10 seconds to relight it, if you fail to relight it in 10 seconds, surround yourself in a circle of salt until 3:33 A.M. At 3:33 A.M. the game is over and you are free to go. If you fail to surround yourself in a salt circle or keep your candle lit, the Midnight Man will get you!

Step 7: If you manage to keep the candle lit and/or successfully relight the candle, you continue wandering throughout the house until 3:33, then you have won the game and it is safe to turn the lights on. If you turn the lights on at any point during the game, the Midnight Man will take you with him, and you will never be seen again.

So never, at any point during the game, turn on the lights, allow the candle to be turned off, stay in one place, or stop playing until 3:33! Signs that the midnight man is near include you getting chilly, the candle going out, low whispers, and even seeing him. So again, I will advise you not to play, and do not attempt to play.