By Albert Moran

The Chupacabra has been a part of Mexican folklore for generations. Does the Chupacabra even exist? Many believe they do, and many claim to have seen one. I’m pretty sure we all have that relative who has claimed to see it. According to a Daily Mail article by Joshua Gardner dated April 2014, a chupacabra is a fierce type of dog that has spotted skin, and no fur. Still many others claim it’s a goat like creature that can fly. Scientists claim to have carcasses of the Chupacabra, but most of these claims have been debunked as deformed rats, or even skeletal remains of many different animals combined.

            My grandmother who is now in her 60’s, but says she remember seeing the chupacabra like it was yesterday.

             “I was tending to the crops on our farm in Zacatecas with my family. We always began working on the crops and animals at 6:00 AM sharp, and it was usually dark until about 6:30. I began to shovel the horse droppings when I got a retched stench,” she exclaims that it was not the fecal matter of the horse, it was a different, rotting smell. “It was unbearable. I left and I yelled out for my father, but there was no reply. I then called for all my family when I heard movement on the second story of the barn. I thought it was a loose chicken, or maybe a rat, but ignored it. Later on that day, I began to hear the same noise. She went to see what was making the noise, and behold,” she said. A hairless animal, which stared at her very angrily. The animal made a ferocious purr and ran away into the dark, but she does not remember anything flying, or goat like. She said it looked like a bat with long feet. She then explained that her family’s cattle began to become prey until one night her father shot at the creature and it no longer bothered them. She has since left Zacatecas and moved to Los Angeles, but the childhood experience still haunts her.