“Keep Your Knees Shut”

by David Escobar

In Canada, on average, a federal judge can make a $214,000 salary annually. If making the cut as a judge is as easy as it was in the instance of Judge Robin Camp, then I think we should all consider a new career path. A case in 2014, in which Camp presided, is currently under retrial for the sexist language used on Camp’s part. To his defense, he says he had a, “non-existent knowledge of Canadian law.” Which, to be frank, is no defense at all.

               The 2014 case involved a 19 year old homeless girl, who is remaining unnamed, and the accused assailant, Alexander Wagar. Throughout the entirety of the case, Camp used derogatory terms directed towards the girl who claimed to have been raped. Phrases such as “Young women want to have sex, particularly if they’re drunk,” and “Why couldn’t you have just kept your knees together?” were used. His most ridiculous phrase was, “You should have just skewed your pelvis.” Judge Camp decided that the accused, Wagar, was not guilty. The “honorable” judge decided this based on simple testimony, rather than taking the evidence into consideration.

               As of 2016, the case is being re-investigated with a new presiding judge. Judge Robin Camp is also being investigated to see if he is a suitable candidate for his position. The deep rooted biases portrayed in 2014 by Camp are enough to revoke him of his title, a title that he did not even earn by learning Canadian Law. This is the type of person who currently has the deciding word on the futures of defendants or victims. This coming November, the case will be re-investigated with all of the evidence presented in 2014 actually being deliberated. I’m sure the young girl hopes that the time between the events in question and this upcoming case don’t effect the truth being revealed.


  Justice Robin Camp arrives at a Canadian Judicial Council Inquiry in Calgary, Alta.
Justice Robin Camp arrives at a Canadian Judicial Council Inquiry in Calgary, Alta.