By: Stephanie Manquero

Most people have gone through a moment that appears strange where they aren’t so sure of what just happened or how it happened. The students of SGHS are, unfortunately not, immune to such experiences. Some of these stories aren’t just creepy, they’re plain scary! Some SGHS students were willing to share their stories.

Itzel Navarette (Senior)

“One day, a few months ago, I woke up at 3 in the morning for no apparent reason and as I tried to fall back asleep, I heard a faint whisper by my ear. I didn’t fall back to sleep.”

 George Valazques (Senior)

“I went to my friend’s house and he had no Wi-Fi.”


Chris Banuelos (Senior)

“It was late at night and I was showering. Everyone was home and something really weird happened. I thought I heard my younger sister and I checked the bathroom and the figure disappeared once I was out. I realized no one was home everyone left; I was home alone.”


 Victoria Inguiez (Senior)

“One day, I came home after school after a long day. I was so hungry. I went into the kitchen and searched for food. I thought I was home alone but suddenly I heard someone approaching the kitchen. It was my grandma. I asked her if there was food. She then told me the worst thing ever, “no.” It was so horrible. I was starving. I needed to survive… I managed to find some cereal, poured it in the bowl, and then opened the fridge. The scariest thing happened… NO MILK. I asked my grandma if she could make anything. She then told me the second worst thing… “Hay frijoles.” It was horrendous. She then added “no hoy tapatio tan poco”.