By Albert Cardenas

Lately, many YouTubers have grown popular channels centered around a culture of pranks. This has fostered a new phrase that’s been catching on with others in YouTube as well as outside of the digital world. These popular pranks shown on YouTube aren’t really pranks at all, but a bunch of mean spirited guys doing horrible things and framing it as a prank in order to avoid trouble. You can key someone’s car and say, “It’s just a prank, Bro!” You can pretend to kidnap someone and in the end exclaim, “Relax! It’s just a prank, Bro! Look, there’s cameras!” Yup, now some are trying to get away with what most would consider to some degree a crime, just by saying, “It’s just a prank, Bro!” The supposed point of these pranks is to teach some lesson or raise awareness about an issue, but they almost always end up being an excuse to be a jerk.