Egg cleansing is an old Roman tradition used for many centuries and adopted by many different cultures. The Romans used to believe that the egg was a symbol for life capable of removing bad energy.

According to the belief, the egg goes through a person’s aura and body, pinpointing any specific area that has negative energy. The egg absorbs all the negative energy; like a sponge, and traps it. The negativity within your body transfers itself to the egg.

If you want to perform an egg cleansing; you can do it on its own or in a spiritual bath. Follow the steps below to do your very own cleansing:

1.    Start with a fresh egg. Wash the egg in a bath of salt water and lemon juice before you begin.

2.    Take a few deep breaths and relax. Say a prayer to whatever higher power you wish. Ask for their assistance and blessing. Imagine the egg being touched by their presence.

3.    Hold the egg in your dominant hand and begin rubbing it over your body. You can either touch your body, or hold it a few inches above the surface.

4.    Begin at the head, working down to the eyes, the throat, the heart area, the shoulders, down the left (or right) arm and touching the palm.

5.    Switch hands here and run the egg down the right (or left) arm and touching the palm. Then switch back.

6.    Work the egg down the torso, to the navel, and the groin, down each leg, stopping at the feet and touching the soles.

7.    If you have a specific area that is in pain, or is affected, hold the egg there for a few minutes.

8.    Covet your cleansed body with a protective oil such as bergamot, pine, sandalwood; or vetiver. Dilute the oil in olive oil and rub over the body.

9.    Now, if you are NOT taking a cleansing bath. Dispose of the egg by breaking it in the toilet and flushing it. Then dump a cup of salt and lemon juice down the toilet. Or throw the egg into a running stream. Or near a tree off of your property.

10. If you are taking a cleansing bath. Leave the egg in the tub while you soak. Allow it to absorb more stray energy as you relax and unwind.

11. When you are finished with your cleansing bath, follow step 8 and 9

When you are done with the cleansing make sure that the egg yolk settles in the water. Some basic interpretations are:

·        If the water smells bad or you can see blood that means that an evil spirit is causing you harm.

·        If there are small spots of blood in water, it is a sign of bad luck.

·        If the water becomes cloudy without odor it is a sign of loss of soul or energy.

·        If the egg yolk has a shape of a face it is a sign of an enemy. A slender face means it is a man and a round face means it is a women.

·        If there are small bubbles in the water, it’s a sign of negative energy that was absorbed by guardian spirits.

·        If the water is clear, without abnormal shapes, scents and blood it is a sign nothing unnatural is happening.