By Lizbeth Villanueva

Carlos Vargas, (senior) asked help with his promposal… so here are eight creative promposals ideas

1.     If you like the catchy Anaconda song, why not make a poster and write “ (name) will you and your anaconda go to prom with me” while you’re in Niki Minaj’s famous anaconda pose and a friend holds the poster.

2.     If you’re an outgoing person, why don’t you dress like Jesus with your awesome poster that says “Prom 20:16and then God said… go with (name)”

3.     Want to be sweet, but prank your prom date? Well, if you know that person’s locker combination, you could fill it up with cooking flour bags and leave a note saying “I bought you flours, so will you go to prom with me?”

4.     You like zombies? Well this is your type of proposal! Use makeup to make your skin pale and zombie-looking while you hold your creative poster saying “(name) use your brains and go to prom with me!”

5.     Looking for a cheap but tasty way to ask someone to prom? Well you can go buy a box of chicken nugget’s box and fries and when the person opens their food inside the chicken nugget box they’ll read “Prom?”

6.     Who doesn’t love IN N OUT? All you’ll have to do is buy fries to spell prom while you hold your poster saying “hey fry guy/gal are you IN OR OUT to prom?” Lay fries on paper spelling prom.

7.     Are you a Star Wars person? How about you force that special person to prom? While you are dressed as Darth Vader hold up your poster saying “(name) the force will awaken at prom with you”

8.     Want to be weird and cheesy? Dress as a doctor/nurse and write on a poster “I’m no doctor/nurse but it appears your suffering from datelessness my suggestion is prom!”