Name: John Kasich


Age: 63

Slogan: “Kasich For Us”

History: Ran for Ohio Senate and ended up becoming the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Senate. In the early 80s he ran for congressman in Ohio’s 12th congressional district and won. Ran for president back in 2000 but dropped out very early and endorsed George W. Bush.


Climate Change: Believes Climate Change is real and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) shouldn’t regulate emissions.

Prisons: Believes in less prison time for non-violent offenders such as those with a non-violent crime like smoking marijuana

Education: Believes in continuing common core and spending less on educational materials.

Individual Rights: Believes in same-sex marriage, disagrees that abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right, agrees with religious freedom, and in hiring minorities.

Foreign Issues: Believes in putting “more boots on the ground to fight I.S.I.S”.

Economy: Disagrees with heavy taxes on the wealthy, disagrees in creating pathways to citizenship for illegal migrants.