By: Daisy Viramontes


If your favorite sport happens to be basketball,you’re competitiveand prefer a fast-paced, energetic game, which probably play in your spare time. Having an appreciation for style, you always emphasize looking good which can come off assuperficial. 


You prefer thinking in ten second bursts and taking long breaks. You value the sense of a “team” and have a masculine sensibility. You love intensity and competition.


Your effort is never questioned because you’re passionate and enjoy the thrills of good strategy.If you prefer to be a goalie,this indicates you’re tolerant yet obsessive over the team’s grand vision.


You probably don’t mind waiting in lines at amusement parks. You enjoy relaxing and prefer statistics over athletics. You’re an overachiever, intelligent, talkative, and observant. You’re also sentimental yet strong.

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