By: Bryan Osegueda

Underwater cycling is extremely difficult and requires high muscular endurance. The races take place in a swimming pool at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Cyclists must use specialized dense bicycles and wear scuba diving equipment. South Gate High School freshman, Esteban Flores,says, “I think it’s really hard but look at the bright side, if you fall you won’t get hurt.” True, but you will be disqualified!

The rules of underwater cycling include not being allowed to get off the bicycle. The moment your feet touch the ground or sea bed, you are out. Hitting or pushing other people off their bikes is also forbidden and will lead to disqualification. No more than 10 cyclists are allowed to race for safety and performance reasons.

During the race, there are two “watchers” per cyclist. These people are scuba divers off bikes that watch the racers in case of an emergency. The races usually are no longer than a half mile. Individually, the farthest distance cycled under water is 6,708 meters. This great achievement was accomplished by Jens Stotzner from Germany on September 8, 2013. Every year in North Carolina, the “Underwater Bike Race” takes place as a charity fundraiser.

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