By: Daisy Viramonte


SGHS senior, Frank Gallegoshas been playing football since he was in middle school. He plays as a linebacker and fullback. Football has become one of Gallegos’ passions and his dream is to play for the NFL one day. Frank attributes much of his success to the love and support of his family. “I’ve been blessed with support and love from my friends, family, fans, coaches, and teachers. It’s a great feeling,” says Gallegos. Like most, he hates losing more than he loves winning, but no matter the outcome he works to be the best he can be. “Winning is expected here at South Gate High School, just ask South East.”

Frank Gallegos believes that if you want be your best you must challenge yourself. He works out three times a day and during the weekends. He has also committed to training a minimum of three hours each weekday, plus the practice they have during the season. Gallegos found it quite time consuming and tedious to handle his schoolwork and football. However, he felt that in the long run this has helped him mature due to the responsibility of figuring out what his priorities are.

Frank says you can expect to be pushed to your limits and be challenged physically and mentally if you want to join football. Confidence and having fun is key. When asked if he had any words of advice he said, “Do not take it for granted;high school comes and goes in a finger snap. Make the best out of it and make every minute count. Work your butt off and compete every day!”

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