San Francisco’s E”pee”demic

By Albert Cardenas

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you are desperate to use the bathroom, but you just can’t wait for that person in the stall so you are faced with the dilemma of whether or not you should just take care of your business in public? Well, that’s one of San Francisco’s biggest issues, according to San Francisco correspondent Kristen J. Bender. In 2002, the city had such an issue with public urination that they raised the criminal fines to $500. Unfortunately, that didn’t deter any offenders. So, last summer the city took a more aggressive approach and painted 30 walls with a paint repellant that sprays urine back at the offender.

               In an apparent sign that they are unwilling to make all the walls reflect pee, San Francisco has decided to remodel one of its own most iconic parks, Dolores, with the city’s first open-air urinal. Then if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The urinal itself is in the open, however some plants and a screen help you relieve yourself in private. Originally, the park had only 3 toilets; the park now has 37 toilets including the new open-air urinal. The entire renovation is primarily dedicated to address the issues the park and city has with public urination. Once again, San Francisco has managed to make something odd, such as public urination, something cool and acceptable. Kind of…