By Lizbeth Villanueva

1.     On your back

You stand up straight with confidence because it wards off the haters. You’re either the oldest kid in the family, or at least act like it by being a leader among your siblings.

2.      In a Fetal Position

This is when you curl your knees up to your chest and sleep in a ball. You love cuddling and cozy things and would prefer to spend your Friday nights cooped up in front of the T.V. than out at night. This is the most common sleeping position, so you’re also a bit basic.

3.      On Your Side

People who sleep on their sides tend to be sensitive. The position is associated with your neck and shoulder muscles, so that may be where you tend to feel your stress. People who sleep on their sides are usually more open-minded and accepting.

4.      On Your Stomach

You are considered the champion of having good taste in food. Because of the way your spine is aligned when you sleep you might be a bit lazy, which makes people underestimate you from time to time.

5.      Clutching Your Cell Phone

You hardly get sleep due to the buzzing all night. Not only that, but you are probably infamous around friends because you are a night owl and available all day and night.

6.      Cuddling With a Human Being

You are an open person, which means you are comfortable with telling people just about anything. This sleeping position is considered to be the best. You get good quality sleep, and it brings strength to the relationship you have with that person. You also don’t tend to stress about small things and you enjoy mornings.

7.      Blissfully Alone

You aren’t about the wishing or wasting time. You are very determined about your goals, and need no one to do what you want.

8.      With Your Head Under Your Pillow

You are super-duper patient not only with the noises at night but dealing with your life and your friends. Also, you are confident enough to know you can tackle any challenge that comes your way.

9.      Different Positions

Meaning, you move around in your sleep and in any possible to way to get comfortable. This says you are mysterious and adaptable, and are able to jump from social group to social group. This sleeping position also means you aren’t satisfied with how life is going.