By Paula Martinez

A regular Monday morning turned deadly for a school in Butler County, Ohio when a shooting occurred at Madison Junior/High School. It was during lunch when a student armed with a .380 caliber handgun burst into the school’s lunch room and opened fire, wounding four students, two from bullets and the other two from shrapnel. After the shooting, the 14-year old suspect ran from the school. The school was put in lockdown and the police were called in.

            After the arrival of the police and the AirCare helicopters, the school was given an all-clear and the victims, ranging from 14-15 years of age, were sent to the hospital with their serious but un-fatal wounds. It was soon after that the currently unnamed suspect was found in a field by the K-9 unit. His motives are still unknown however he is facing charges including attempted murder and making terrorist threats. The victims are also currently in stable conditions.

            This event in Madison Junior/High School is yet another in the tale of school shootings in the U.S. In 2015, there were 52 school shootings overall, with 30 people killed and 53 others injured. Since the Sandy Hook incident, there have been 95 shootings at K-12/college campuses, giving an average of about one every week.